Bed & Breakfast in Figueiró dos Vinhos

About us

When we first met, we told our dreams to each other. It was really special that we both wanted to live in Portugal. That is why we took off to Portugal with our camper in 2016 and we visited several beautiful spots. This particular spot, stole our hearts and we fell in love immediately. Right now, we can proudly call ourselves the owners of this Quinta. Therefore it doesn’t come as a big surprise, that we invite everybody to enjoy their life and to do what they love to do most. We did it, so you can do it as well.

Marijn: What makes me happy? Tranquility and space and all the possibilities that come with that. For example looking at a breathtaking, beautiful sky full of stars right before you go to bed in the evening. Or having your own vegetable garden, which provides our healthy food. The many different types of fruit we have (more than 40!), provide intense feeling of luxury. To be this self-supporting in the Netherlands, is not really possible. Right now, I enjoy the chickens, the cats and the company of Lia even more.

I look forward to take care of the garden, to maintain everything, to be the handyman and of course, to welcome guests.

Lia: After loads of travelling, I knew for sure I wanted my own company. Many combinations are represented in this company. Living outside, yoga, indulging people and welcoming travellers. To step out of the ever ongoing treadmill in the Netherlands, has done magic for me. I feel excited and ready for the challenges that come with learning a new language and getting to know a new culture in Portugal.
 I am full of energy and I love to spread this, to share my passion for yoga and to walk through the garden together with Marijn and our cats.


Sharing is our slogan. Why not use the qualities of people who love to share them? Like Francisco from Brazil, who helped us to get the website online. Like Tina and Steve, to globe trotters from Australia who built all the walls, painted all the doors and shared their cooking skills. Like Peter, who did his magic in the garden and moved mountains to make sure you could walk the paths again and who was allround handyman to help us around. 

Are you interested to come and volunteer at Quinta da Valada, please feel free to contact us. 

Marijn & Lia
Quinta da Valada
Private balcony for the appartment Bougainvillea and Studio Laranjeira
The 10x5 meters big pool
A nice spot to relax in the garden
Own of our chill spots
With homemade jams
Fruits from the garden
Fresh (orange) juice
Yoga in nature
Yoga at the platform
Aquaduct Tomar
Having breakfast and a chat
Portugese azulejos
Nice swimming spot close by
Lots of books in our library
Our chickies and fresh free range eggs!
The cats