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Quinta da Valada is situated in central Portugal, in a nice cozy town called Figueiró dos Vinhos. Quinta da Valada represents tranquility, space, green, relaxation and a breathtaking view. Yoga is the leading thread. The amazing yoga- and meditation platform is a magical spot for every body. During the winter, the yoga will be practiced inside, in a nice heated yoga studio. Several times a year, yoga weeks will be organized.

Is yoga not your cup of tea? Don’t worry! All the other days our rooms and apartments are available to rent as a Bed & Breakfast, in this way everybody can enjoy our lovely place. Having a nice walk through the botanical garden, swaying in the hammock or relaxing by the pool, it’s all possible! A lovely massage or a separate yoga class can be booked.

The garden is a wonderful place to get lost. The fruits and nuts are waiting just for you. More than 40! different types of fruits and nuts are flourishing in our garden. In spring, the cherries are ripe, in summer the apples, pears and nectarines, in autumn the figs and avocado’s and in winter the garden is covered in an orange blanket. Our patience is then being tested till spring because then we can taste and squeeze the oranges and mandarins.

The luxury pools welcomes you and offers a nice refreshing dip during hot summer days. Take a book from the bookshelf and allow the relaxation to join you on one of the beds by the pool.

Our life’s have changed intensely since we moved to Portugal. The climate, the people and the direct contact with nature have an amazing effect on us, truly amazing. And that’s exactly what we want to offer to you too. So we invite you to come and join us, to enjoy the tranquility, the nature and the space. Book a yoga retreat or a period of time where you have to do nothing but just be. You will see and feel that the environment feeds your soul and takes you back to the moment, back to who you truly are. Feel welcome at Quinta da Valada!

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Yoga weeks in central Portugal